Beeswax Tealights (Containerless)


Quality containerless beeswax tealights for use with any occasion! These hand-poured beeswax tealights do not come with containers but require one for optimal burning. Cotton wicks make for an all-natural tealight candle!

***Please note: Wax colour is dependent upon seasonal availability. Wax may be golden yellow to pale yellow in colour.

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*NOTE: These containerless beeswax tealights are designed for use with pre-existing tealight cups or candleholders. They will not burn properly without a container, cup, or holder designed for tealights and it is not recommended. To reuse a beeswax tealight container that has wax left in it, put it in the freezer for easier wax removal.

Looking for tealights with containers? Find our pure beeswax tealights with clear plastic containers here.

Beeswax tealights burn cleaner and longer than standard paraffin wax candles and have a lovely natural glow. All 100% beeswax candles release negative ions into the air when they burn, which attach to positive allergen and pollutant ions in the air, effectively cleaning the air. These beeswax tealights with no containers include only premium, hand-poured, and minimally filtered beeswax. They are made fresh to order!

These containerless beeswax tealights come with no plastic cup or aluminum tealight holder, but one is required to use them for optimal burning.

Why choose beeswax for your tealights?

100% beeswax tealights are natural, smell better, burn better, and look better than most other wax tealight candles, and may even help clean the air! Since they are negative ionizers, our beeswax tealights, along with other natural beeswax candles, may actually help to purify the air in your home. Beeswax smells lovely in its natural state and beeswax candles will burn clean, which means there should be minimal residual wax left over when you are done burning. And how do our containerless beeswax tealights look better than other candles? The natural pale to golden yellow glows brightly when your candle is lit. The glow seems to permeate through the wax itself! We might be biased, but we believe that beeswax tealights are superior to other waxes out there for many reasons.

How do beeswax tealights help to purify the air?

Positive ions are everywhere. They come from natural causes, such as humidity, electrical storms, and also many man-made causes, such as pollution. Many household staples and appliances, such as computers, fibers in carpets and furniture, hairdryers, fluorescent lighting, printers, photocopiers, and electrical equipment all release positive ions. Unfortunately, positive ions are attracted to pollutants like allergens, pet dander, dust, smoke, viruses, and mold. Some studies have shown they may even contribute to such conditions as depression, fatigue, and asthma. Positive ions are in much higher concentrations indoors and in cities. Outdoors and in rural areas, negative ions are usually abundant.

When beeswax is pure and high-grade, it releases negative ions when it burns – it’s a natural negative ionizer. The negative ions that are released when your beeswax tealight burns will bind to positive ions in the air. This makes the ions heavier so that they sink to the ground. Negative ionizers clean your air by attaching to the airborne pollutants, such as allergens and mold (and the more extensive list above), making them heavier and causing them to sink to the ground. Negative ionizers like beeswax may even help to eliminate certain airborne viruses in hospitals and help treat conditions such as depression

Way to go, beeswax!

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