It’s the simple experiences that make life special. Lazy mornings with the smell of coffee brewing and crisp toast, spread with a thin layer of all natural butter and sweet, melted honey. An afternoon tea with just the right amount of sweetness and a moment to relax with a good book, curled up in your favourite chair. Honey doesn’t make these experiences, but it fills in the gaps to make them just right.

When you grow up in the middle of honey country, you really never know how good you have it. Spending most of my life within 50 kilometres of two local honey producers, I always had access to fresh, unprocessed, raw honey. I took the delicious, subtle taste and delicate aroma for granted. It was really only when I tried commercial honey, with its bland, artificial taste, that I realized just how special raw, homegrown Alberta honey is.

My family and I enjoy the simple natural pleasures of raw Alberta honey. Yours can, too.

Amy D.

Alberta-born & raised Mom of 3 & Owner/Operator

Mommy and daughter

What’s Important to Me

Holistic Natural Health

Raw honey doesn’t just taste better than processed honey found in the store, it is healthier for you. Honey has a variety of whole body¬†natural health benefits, many of which have been confirmed by science. It’s not just that honey has been used for thousands of years, but there are documented studies to back up many of its natural health claims.

Fair Trade

Commercialism has driven people to treat others in appalling ways. Business shouldn’t come at the expense of other people’s quality of life. That’s why I seek wholesale fair trade vendors whenever possible. We live in a global village and while I support local, small business, I also try to seek out handmade, natural items from other parts of the world.

The wild Alberta prairie

Small Business

Through seeking out quality, local small businesses, you can help individual artisans and farmers make a living.

When I am looking for vendors to stock in my store, I always look for quality, natural, back-to-basics products and I seek out a personal relationship with my vendors whenever possible. I pick up the items in person and talk with the people who are directly involved in the production of the items in Alberta Honey Shop.

Giving Back

Starting a small business is not easy if you don’t have a lot of disposable income to start with. I’ve had personal experience with that in starting Alberta Honey Shop from my own modest savings. But I realize that I am privileged living in Canada and cannot even imagine the hardship that someone living in a third world country might have trying to start up a business – just to feed their family.

That’s why I’ve made it an important part of my business plan to give back a portion of all profits made at Alberta Honey Shop. For every dollar we make, we are committed to giving back to support small business start-ups (mostly run by single mothers) in Africa through the charitable organization Bridges of Hope.

Take heart that your purchases at Alberta Honey Shop don’t just fill someone’s pockets, they also give opportunities and feed hungry bellies.

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