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Large Beeswax Pillar Candles


These 100% natural large beeswax pillar candles are handmade from pure beeswax with all-cotton wicks.

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These large beeswax pillar candles will add a classic elegance to any table setting or decor. Long and clean burning, pure beeswax candles have graced tables for hundreds of years. These sturdy, uniform pillars will turn eyes as a natural statement piece in any room, as well as add the sweet scent of honey to the air every time you burn them.

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How long will the large beeswax pillar candles burn?

While there are many factors that determine how long your large beeswax pillar candle will burn, such as surface type and temperature, these large beeswax candles can burn up over 100 hours! WOW! This is about 5x longer than your standard paraffin candles will burn.

Why is the white film on my large beeswax pillar candles?

Like any pure beeswax candle, a white film may develop on the surface over time, or if the candle has been exposed to cooler temperatures. This is a perfectly natural effect – no need to worry! The film can be easily rubbed off with a warm cloth or just your hands.


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Round 3", Round 5", Hexagon 3.5", Hexagon 6"

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