Alfalfa Clover Honey (Raw)


100% Pure Raw Honey – straight from Alberta honey bees! Unprocessed with all of nature’s benefits.


Due to export regulations, this product can only ship within Canada.

Raw honey from Canada, specifically Alfalfa clover honey, is some of the most sought-after honey in the world. Known for its subtle, light flavour and golden colour, this southern Alberta alfalfa clover honey is a high-quality, natural product. You don’t get natural taste like this from a factory.

100% Raw Honey from Canada

Always 100% raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized! We never mix our honey with other honey. It is 100% Canadian from a pure Alberta source. This raw honey from Canada is a delicious way to add a healthy sweet touch to your tea or coffee, baking, and sauces, or as a tasty topping on toast. In addition, you can use honey for medicinal purposes, including relieving allergies, soothing sore throats, and as an antimicrobial wound aid.

The Raw Honey Process

What happens to our honey? First, the farmer carefully extracts the honey from the hives. Then, the farmer transfers the raw honey to large tanks kept at a warm temperature – the same as a beehive – to keep the honey a liquid form. From there, the farmer pours the raw honey into containers that you can purchase from our website. We don’t ship our raw honey in from other countries, either. The honey travels fewer than 5km from its farm to our storage. And the honey is unfiltered and unprocessed!

Honey kept at a warm temperature will stay soft and liquid. Honey kept at a cool temperature crystallizes and hardens. You can use it as is to spread on toast or spoon into fresh loose-leaf tea, or you can warm it in a mason jar submerged in a pot of hot water. You can always microwave your honey, too, if you are in a pinch, but do this sparingly as it will destroy beneficial enzymes and nutrition.

Pure Raw Honey Difference

Raw honey is honey in its natural, pure state. Most commercial honey producers heat and process their honey to prevent crystallization, but this process can destroy living enzymes. Unprocessed, creamed honey has its enzymes intact, along with all of its health benefits.

Our alfalfa clover honey can range in colour from a light golden to a light brown. Honey from different years or “vintages” will colour differently and honey will darken with age. Your honey may even have a light crust of whitish crystals on top when you open it, but don’t worry, your honey is still good! Crystallization is a normal process that natural honey will go through.

Softening Your Crystallized Honey

You can soften your honey in a number of ways, which will also remove these crystals and change the honey from a solid to a liquid state. To soften creamed honey, warm it while still in its container by submerging it in a bowl of hot water. Or, you could put the container over a heat vent (or on an unheated stovetop while the oven is on). Additionally, you can microwave raw honey, but be careful as you can destroy the fragile live enzymes. As your honey warms, it becomes fluid and pliable again. Finally, it will be smooth and ready to serve with your classic honey dipper! Additionally, you can repackage the honey into your own container, including a traditional clay honey pot, a mason jar, or another honey home.

Try our Flavoured Alfalfa Clover Honey

Want to try something with a little more flavour? Try our unique blends of natural flavoured raw honey, made with raw alfalfa clover honey!

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