Pure Beeswax


All-natural, hand-poured, pure beeswax from Alberta, Canada for all your crafting needs! Pure, natural beeswax has so many uses. This beeswax is minimally heated and filtered and it gives off a mild, lovely scent. Available in natural yellow or white.

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While we love the sweet stuff, bees don’t just make raw honey!  Natural, pure beeswax is just as amazing and has as many (or more) uses. This pure beeswax is 100% natural with NO additives, sourced from beehives in Alberta, Canada. Since our beeswax is from rural Alberta bee producers, it is very high quality and low in toxins that might be found in wax near large cities. It requires no preservatives and is lightly heated and minimally filtered to preserve the integrity of the original product. Just as nature intended. Hand-poured with care!

Since this pure beeswax is filtered very little, there can be some pieces of honeycomb or bee parts in this natural product. If you intend to use it for cosmetics, you may wish to pass it through a strainer or sieve to filter it further. You can also use cheesecloth. If you are making candles, you can leave these so-called “impurities” in, as well.

Uses for Pure Beeswax

Here are just some of the many uses of pure beeswax:

  • beeswax candles or luminaries
  • natural lip balm
  • mustache, dreadlock, or beard wax
  • natural sealant for jars or canning
  • skin moisturizer
  • candies and cooking
  • cheese rinds (cheese waxing)
  • beeswax crayons
  • pain relief salves
  • all-natural lubricant for unsticking doors, drawers, or windows.
  • wood finish or wax
  • furniture polish
  • itch relief
  • old-fashioned envelope sealing
  • paw or nose wax for pets
  • batik (natural fabric dying)
  • Ukranian egg decorating
  • rust prevention
  • waxed thread (for candles, handmade jewelry, hand-sewn leather goods, or other crafting)
  • coating nails and screws (this helps them not splinter wood)
  • waterproofing shoes and boots
  • shoe polish
  • greasing cookie or baking sheets
  • prevent bronze tarnishing
  • cake guitar bodies to make them last longer
  • coating reeds for an improved, tighter fit
  • waterproofing leather
  • polishing granite countertops
  • reducing bow string friction
  • waterproofing whips
  • handmade soap making
  • natural hair removal
  • for making flexible molds
  • ear plugs
  • ear candling
  • prevent belt slippage in vacuums or sewing machines
  • blacksmithing
  • basketry
  • coating hemp string on bagpipes
  • shoe and floor polish
  • perfume fragrance
  • adhesives
  • grafting plants
  • saw sharpening
  • polishing optical lenses
  • snow skis for a smoother glide
  • iron cleaning
  • plucking poultry
  • stretch mark prevention
  • reusable food wrap
  • as a barbeque grill coating for easy cleanup
  • wood filler


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