Scandia Fields Creamed Honey – Alfalfa Clover


1 kg of sweet, raw, unpasteurized Scandia Fields Creamed Honey! Buy 8+ at $17.50 each ($140/case of 8).

The Scandia Honey Company is one of the top producers of honey in the world, but you won’t find this premium product everywhere. Scandia Fields Creamed Honey is excellent for spreading, baking, and many other beneficial uses.

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Scandia Fields Creamed Honey is extra-premium honey harvested in Alberta bee fields.

Scandia Fields Creamed Honey (Alfalfa Clover) is some of the purest in the world. This premium, unprocessed alfalfa clover honey is delicious on its own. It also works as a great substitute for sugar in your favourite cooking and baking recipes. Or try it in a warm cup of hand-blended loose-leaf tea.

What makes Scandia Fields Creamed Honey special?

You’ve probably never heard of Scandia, Alberta. The southern Alberta hamlet is home to only about 119 residents and a small museum for the EID (Eastern Irrigation District). But there’s nothing small about the Scandia Honey Company! The Scandia Honey Company is one of the largest producers of honey in Alberta. Scandia Honey is known around the world for being top quality. It’s 100% pure Canadian natural honey, so no mixing from China here! Good honey is like fine wine and varies with each region. While the vintage might change slightly from year to year, the taste is always exquisite and the quality is always supreme.

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