Beeswax Taper Candles


These pure beeswax taper candles were hand-poured and made with finest Canadian beeswax and all-cotton wicks. They burn long, clean, and with a light, sweet scent – a classic choice for any decor.

***Please note: Wax colour is dependent upon seasonal availability. Wax may be yellow to pale yellow in colour.

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Handmade beeswax taper candles burn long and clean, and their natural beauty makes them a gorgeous statement piece. Watch them burn bright and golden. The rustic charm of pure, natural Canadian beeswax makes these candles a lovely decor piece.  Smell the sweet honey aroma – whether they are lit or not!

Made with 100% Alberta beeswax and all-cotton wicks.

Why choose beeswax taper candles?

  • Handmade beeswax candlesticks burn long – very long! Beeswax is one of the best waxes for burning, much better than your standard paraffin.
  • Pure beeswax candlesticks are essentially dripless! This means they burn cleanly down, without making a mess on your table or countertop. We still recommend that you place your candlesticks in a standard taper candle holder (0.85″ diameter) with something drip-safe underneath it, just in case. While our beeswax candles burn clean under perfect conditions, drafts or air currents (such as those from a furnace), can cause some dripping.
  •  All natural beeswax can help clean the air! Pure beeswax candles are negative ionizers. They can actually help clean toxins from the air while they burn in a process called the thunderstorm effect. Positive ion pollutants, such as smoke, dust, allergens, pollen, bacteria, and chemicals bond in the air with the negative ions released by burning beeswax. The bonded ions are then too heavy to stay airborne, so they fall to the ground, where you cannot breathe them in.
  • Beeswax tapers burn with very little smoke – they are a nearly carbon neutral candle! We treat our all-cotton candle wicks so that they do not mushroom as many other candles (even beeswax candles) do.

Why is there a white film on my beeswax taper candle?

A white film, called a “bloom”, can develop on a beeswax candle over time or if exposed to colder temperatures. This can be easily buffed away with a clean cloth. It does not affect the way your candle burns. This is completely natural and helps you know that your candle is real beeswax.

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8", 10"


1 Pair (2 Tapers), 6 Pairs (12 Tapers)

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