Lemon Honey – Alfalfa Clover


A delicate lemon flavour has been added to this honey, making it an excellent addition to tea or your favourite recipe. Try it on its own or blended with hot water for a satisfying, cleansing drink. Yummy!

This unique blend of flavoured honey uses all-natural ingredients, and is just as raw and unprocessed as our original Alfalfa Clover honey.

Comes in a 500g container.


Due to export regulations, this product can only ship within Canada.

Alfalfa Clover honey is some of the most sought-after honey in Canada and the world. Known for its subtle, light flavour and golden colour, this southern Alberta alfalfa clover honey is a high-quality, natural product.

Pure Raw Honey Difference

Raw honey is honey in its natural, pure state. It hasn’t been heated or processed like liquid honey to prevent crystallization. This is important because unprocessed honey has its enzymes intact, along with all of its health benefits.

Raw honey can range in colour from a light golden to a light brown. Honey from different years will colour differently and honey will darken with age. Your honey may even have a light crust of whitish crystals on top when you open it. But don’ t worry, your honey is still good! Crystallization is a normal process that raw honey will go through.

You can soften your honey in a number of ways, which will also remove these crystals. To soften raw honey, warm it while still in its container in a bowl of hot water. Or, you could put the container over a heat vent (or on an unheated stovetop while the oven is on). While you can microwave raw honey, it’s not recommended because you can destroy the fragile live enzymes. As your honey warms, it becomes fluid and pliable again. It will be smooth and ready to serve with your classic honey dipper.

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